One of my flatmates says “Peace” when she ends a call.

I find that extremely adorable!


About my day and desire

Today was a bit absurd…as usual.

Woke up, went to church, ate some oranges, dressed up as Nicki Minaj, planned some clothes for a musical, slept for a few hours until my home was invaded by friends who wanted to eat Blinis with me, ate them (the Blinis, not the friends), fell asleep on the kitchen floor and woke up to the tunes of YMCA and my flatmate washing the dishes.

I’m still not sure what day it is. I feel a bit confused and loose. I don’t even feel like doing anything.

I’m just waiting for the stress wave. A part of me knows that I have a LOT to take care of, but still I haven’t noticed it properly yet. Studies will probably escalate after next week, which means essays and stuff to write, collections to draw and learning how to “fashion illustrate” with Adobe Illustrator. My own projects seem soooo much more tempting (although Illustration and Collection Design have been almost fun). On top of this I’ve for example gone and taken responsibility over the costumes of a play, over Cinema stuff and over fixing a dress.

I know it’s nothing and that I’m lucky to be doing creative things and all …but it feels important to worry a little right now.



Have an amazing birthdaypartykabashadoo (preferably with tits, cows, elevators, zebras and loads of people)

Organize a rave in a warehouse-building

Burlesque a little (on a street i town…maybe like a flashmob)

Transform our storage space into a tearoom (or a medieval chamber)

Paint a big oil/acrylic painting

“Borrow” a bike (…for life) and pimp it

Write and compose one or several song(s)

Learn an already excisting song and perform it

Design and produce a collection + accessories  (without gender- or season restrictions)

Have a photoshoot with the clothes I’ve made

Organize a small fashion show for new, Nordic designers-to-be

…and the list goes on.

To start off with…

Hello fellow earthlings,
I have now decided to start sharing my thoughts, my life and everything that is me with whomever chooses to read or look at my humble “contributions to society” (as some might call it.) I daresay that I am no expert on blogging and wish therefore that the world be gentle with me.

Was that a proper start?

I have no idea, seriously. Is there even a proper way to start a blog…or to start anything? Is it neccesary for starts to exist…or is everything just a continuation of something old, of something and nothing and everything? Do you have to know something to start something? ……There are so many questions to be asked. I want to plunge into them all. I’m curious. This is exciting! Can I? Will I?

Well…Anyway, this is my start. So, there you have it.